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Schools, Early Childhood Education and Care centres play an important part in the prevention of violence in all communities. As well as influencing the thoughts, values and knowledge of children and young people, schools and early childhood education settings are community hubs where families find support, and are also workplace settings with a diverse range of employees.

These settings are the foundation for communities across the country and have a large influence on everyone connected to them. The words, actions and attitudes of educators and school leaders can set the tone for the entire community and deeply shape understanding and support for LGBTIQA+ people as well as attitudes to domestic violence.

In this section you can find out about the impact of domestic and family violence on LGBTIQA+ families and about the practical things that you and your education setting can do to help build safe communities for LGBTIQA+ people and families and the wider community.

Note – Educators should view the content of each training session prior to sharing the training with children to ensure it is age-appropriate for those in their care.

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